What Do You Think Of ‘Casual’?

‘Cobblers’. That word is the crux of Gazimoff’s opinion post on the word ‘casual’, which gets tossed around in gaming circles like a grenade by people in an enclosed space. Except unlike the grenade which will explode and take everyone’s heads messily off no matter who’s holding it, the word ‘casual’ shouldn’t even scratch us. But people use it as a derogatory term, and that’s why Gazimoff deploys the cobblers.

Gazimoff’s post is very readable. He says he’s played WoW to varying degrees of urgency and has gone from what most folks would call a hardcore raider to playing less often but still achieving the same things. Only difference is he’s not getting there quite as quickly. When Gazimoff plays more than I do and ‘casuals’ like me and mine took the Lich King down 9 months ago, he’s right: being casual isn’t bad and wrong.

Have I somehow become something less of a gamer for making this choice? Did the magic skill fairy visit me in the night and render me a crap button fumbling idiot? I don’t think so.

There’s nothing wrong with being a casual player. We all have different pulls on our life and only so much time we can give to Warcraft. Like Vidyala said over at Manalicious, there’s nothing wrong with not being first.

He goes on to talk about playstyles that get mistaken for ‘casual’ and which are, let’s say, less desireable. He talks about ‘entitled’ players, and how important it is to make a distinction between casual and entitled players: those who do and don’t make an effort to play and contribute to the team.

The whole casual/hardcore debate is nothing new but Gazimoff’s post felt like a fresh charge and a platform for crisp debate. Given all of that and that Gazimoff’s New Year blog resolution is to write more opinion pieces from the heart, I’m looking forward to seeing what else he comes up with. I’m hoping others will adopt his resolution too!


What do you think – what player types do we lump into the terms ‘hardcore’ and ‘casual’ that we shouldn’t?**

_Quote taken directly from Gazimoff’s post

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