What Do You Do About Other Players’ Weird Gear?

Hats off to Rades for proving that you can’t just assume a player knows his shizzle – or otherwise – by his gear choices. In his latest post Rades talks about a little trick he played on the WoW twitter community, asking them what they’d do if a raider turned up to their raid in PvP gear. He got various responses – I’ll let you guess them, or go read them over on his post.

What he didn’t tell them when he asked the question was that he was talking about himself. He’s currently running around killing internet dragons in PvE raids using PvP gear. Why? He says he’s done the maths (and later in his post he actually proves that) and that the PvP gear setup is the best one for his spec right now.

I would like to gently suggest that if you see an unusual equipment choice, don’t automatically assume that player is bad. Don’t assume you know more than them about their class.

Sometimes a Green is better than a Blue. Sometimes a Blue is better than a Purple. Sometimes PVP is better than PVE.

And sometimes other players actually do know what they’re doing.

But even more importantly – what’s with the hate? The condescension?

Rades gets into the thick of it in his post, warning us all to watch out for snubbing players like any ‘gearscore Gary’. He reminds us how often we saw that at the end of Wrath and how we all muttered darkly about it. Even so, there’s nothing preachy about Rades’ tone: all he’s saying is that if a player’s done the maths and reading behind their gear choices, their weird dress style just might be right for them.

What do you think – do you enjoy seeing weird gear choices or do you think WoW’s gear is too homogenized to make weird gear acceptable besides for one or two specs?

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