The Sad Case Of Tol Barad And Exploit Mindset

Tol Barad might be the new Wintergrasp, world PvP zone, but it looks like it’s all going to nitwibble. Cyn has a piece about the zone and while it’s an excellent post it’s left me wondering quite what Blizzard did intend for Tol Barad, and if current player responses to it show that their intentions have fallen far short.

Cyn’s post starts out, in his words, Doing Science. He’s trying to decipher whether the rumoured Tol Barad exploit exists, but interesting as that is his results don’t matter. What matters, as the meat of his post shows, is what the potential that there might be an exploit is doing to players.

This started off as a discussion about a simple question – is the raid dropping exploit of Tol Barad real? – but in trying to answer that question, it’s become a discussion of personal motivation and bias, of the desire to win at all costs, of what makes something QQ versus raising legitimate problems with a battleground.

Cyn’s hard look at the psychology of cheating and how it affects individuals, and then seeps into teams, is long. It’s thought-provoking, and it’s right. And it’s awkward for anyone who’s been in a vaguely similar situation of cheating being an option in a teamsport – how do you come to terms with that, whether it’s you doing it out of desperation or your team doing it out of joint apathy? Cyn’s whole piece on this isn’t light reading but he’s right: Tol Barad needs fixing before it ruins the face of PvP.

What about you – is Tol Barad leeching the spirit out of your server’s factions, or are the spirits of teamwork and sportsmanship still alive and well on your server?

_Quote taken directly from Cyn’s post

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