Roundup: Reactions – We Have Social Responsibility To Each Other In LFD

A couple of days ago Tobold posted about the long queues for DPSers in the LFD tool and that there aren’t enough tanks or healers. And in true Tobold fashion he’s said something in that post which has kicked off a massive debate across the blogosphere. We were about due a Tobold-inspired to-do, and he’s done it well. Y’see, what he’s said is that we have social responsibilities – including in game. And that if DPS want lower queue times, well, they should help everyone out by accepting their social responsibility to tank or heal.

As I said, there’s been a lot of response around the blogosphere. Rather than pick the best out I’m rounding as many up as possible and letting you decide who’s shouting your corner – or read around to get a full picture before shouting your own.

  • It’s Leading, Stupid! – Raico has a theory on the difference between healing/DPSing and tanking, and why more people aren’t up for the inferred responsibility of tanking.
  • 40 Minute Queue Time for DDs – Nils thinks Tobold’s assertion is absurd but looks at it anyway, as he finds the fact that tanks and healers being so few and far between in LFD strange, going on to look at the reasons behind it.
  • Journalistic Morality – Adam’s looking at Tobold’s actions rather than the debate itself and wondering how he gets away with writing things like this and gets away with it.
  • Antisocial: That word doesn’t mean what you think it means – Spinks is focusing on the commenters on Tobold’s post, some of whom are calling DPS antisocial. She takes a look at this and the demand for tanks, and says “erm, hang on a minute…” Great post.
  • Myths and Misconceptions – A Tank’s Perspective – not related to Tobol’d post at all – in fact, Chris posted this before Tobold’s post. But it’s a timely and topical window into some of the tanking myths (and yep, misconceptions) on tanking he’s encounted in his time as a tank.

That’s it for now, though if you’ve got anything to add on the whole debate do let us know. Do we have a social responsibility in WoW or is this poppycock – why?