Problems With Finding A Fix For The LFD Tool

I’d guess over the holidays you’ve run a few dungeons using the LFD tool. Or at least thought about it, turned slightly green thinking of the idiots just waiting to be inflicted upon you and gone for a lie down. There must be a fix out there for it, right? Well, Ardol over at WoW Philosophized has turned his thought towards it.

Most of us gripe about LFD now and then. Ardol, objective as ever, sets that aside and just looks at ways the LFD tool could be changed and whether they’d make it a better place. He starts with the more popular ideas – being able to up-rank people (by friending them) or down rank people. A reputation system. He also looks at other solutions like his own idea of a questchain that instils players with useful Heroic skills. Throughout, Ardol keeps recognising the fact that players will try to break the system, use it to their own ends or have subjective values of what they’re judging people on.

Even worse, since down-votes would move the down-voted player farther down the queue, any down-rate you give another player would theoretically move you up the queue, assuming the down-rate isn’t reciprocated. This would give players real, tangible motivation to down-rate people who don’t deserve it; in other words, it wouldn’t be just the jerkass players who down-rate everyone.

Reading through Ardol’s post I had the feeling it was a little mercenary, repeatedly talking about giving undesireable players longer queue times. But then I remembered that when questioned most of us would probably prefer “go go go lolz u no ned tacs u stupid u dunno hw 2 play” touting ‘Iizrougee’ to have time to brew himself an extra coffee. Or six.

What about you – do you have any ideas on how to fix the LFD tool, or are you thinking “if it ain’t broke…”?

Quote taken directly from Ardol’s post

You can find WoW Philosophixed’s homepage here