Halls of Origination Camel Fight: More Like This?

Shintar’s had a vision. She’s wondering if there could be mounted combat in our characters’ futures, and how cool that could be. Not to mention how much it might mess the game up. Of course, as Shintar points out, mounted combat’s already here.

There’s a camel-ride boss fight in one of the Cataclysm instances. Shintar explains how you get on said camel sitting around in the middle of the instance (places taken over by evil make for good grazing I guess) and then charge into battle and notes it’s different to any other vehicle combat we’ve seen yet. Why? Iit’s not a vehicle fight.You use your usual abilities – casters can even cast normally while the camel’s moving. Nifty.

If you can do this on heroic without allowing Ptah to knock you off your camel, you get a little achievement.

Now, there’s no real reason to put too much thought into that; you can just look at it as a silly little vehicle gimmick fight, but I thought it was interesting that this was the closest thing to true mounted combat that I can remember ever encountering in WoW.

So, Shintar says, could we see this as a concrete feature for WoW? She’s wondering if at some point we’ll see Azeroth’s heroes literally charge into fights on their chargers, if ranged folks will be able to use guerilla tactics by firing while zip in and out of range.

She mentions how they might y’know, break the game, and class mechanics would have to be rebalanced to fit it in.  But as Shintar says, maybe there’s an argument for doing it just because it’s cool. At least for some classes, although having hunters on mounts might just make them unbeatably overpowered.

What do you think – would this be a great idea and should so be done, or does it fall into the category of things you don’t want in your fantasy game?

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