Gnomish Advice On Playing WoW’s New Battleground

Our most huggable blogger Gnomeaggedon – it’s the green mustache, I’m sure – has a first rate post today. But before we jump into it let me share one key fact with you so oyu’re not as confuzzled as I was when reading it: there’s a new battleground called Battle for Gilneas.

Ahem. Nope, that fact didn’t slip past me until today. Nu-huh. Anyway, moving swiftly on to Gnomer’s post – he lets you know exactly what you need to do in Battle for Gilneas. Or, y’know, most other battlegrounds too. And it’s all class advice on losing said battleground. Yup, he’s being a cheeky little gnome and taking the proverbial out of the worst PvP practices.

Someone offered a plan that might promote some group coordination? Ignore it, you know better!

Once a plan has been suggested and accepted, it is your task it ferment dissent. They want you to go left – GO RIGHT! Watch as a portion of your team follow you like lemmings to the cliffs of humiliating lose.

Gnomer had me laughing out loud in many places – it was a great way to get on with a Friday. Needless to say his advice is the exact opposite of what you should do if you actually want to win a battleground, but is also exactly what you see the lazy PvPers doing all the time.

If you’re new to the idea of Battle for Gilneas and want a better understanding of how it actually works and some of the terms Gnomer’s using, go check out Cynwise’s great guide on the battleground.

**What do you think – are you fully behind Gnomer’s advice or does the very idea of recommending that sort of behaviour have you quivering in terror at the Alliance’s ability to loose battlegrounds?


_** _Quote taken directly from Gnomer’s post

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