Accepting WoW For What It Is

So there’s been a lot of folks saying that WoW’s terribad, recently. Since, you know, the big Cataclysm hit. So I was soemhow relieved to see the trend swing back the other way today, led by a very sensible and charming post from Syl over at Raging Monkeys.

Syl’s post talks about literature. It talks about her favourite quotes, and lights in the dark places. But most of all, Syl talks about accepting World of Warcraft for what it is. She lists things that we’ve been complaining about and says that well, yes, it is those things. But it’s not all bad, and in the end we always have a choice.

While players will never agree on these matters (and it’s probably a good thing or WoW blogs would be posting a lot less), we can agree that Blizzard have changed the face of the MMO genre forever, by opening WoW to a mainstream audience with a low gaming background on average. The genre has taken a big shift and it’s true that compared to classic MMORPGs, WoW has simply decided to go down a new path, for better and for worse (I can easily think of improvements here too).

Regardless of whether we like it or dislike it, she says, we should stop pulling the wool over our eyes and wishing it was different, and either take pleasure in the bits we enjoy of it or move on to something else. Otherwise it’ll just hurt all the more when we do have to face reality, and in the meantime while we’re being the proverbial ostrich (see Syl’s excellent image) we’ll loose something very important. Something we’ll never get back.

I’d like to see more opinions on this – whether it’s here or over at Syl’s place. So tell us – has this common sense approach brought some relief to you whether you were disillusioned or happy with WoW, or do you think it’s all a tad obvious and beside the point?

_Quote taken directly from Syl’s post

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