Windsoar and Reversion: What You Need To Know For Cataclysm Heroics

Hot on the heels of Vixsin’s post yesterday on preparing for Heroics, we have two posts on the topic. They compliment each other nicely so I’d recommend reading ’em both if Heroic dungeons are going to feature in your future.

First up is Windsoar’s post on Your First Cataclysm Heroic. Of course, everything she’s saying is applicable for runs well past your first Heroic but all the more critical for the fatal first. Her post is a crucial check-list for both before you set foot in that damage infested corner of the world and what you need to remember once you get inside.

A lot of what Windsoar’s talking about are simple things that you might not think of but will help you survive. Other things are less obvious, like her tips for DPSers, tanks and healers on movement during boss fights. A real survival guide for your exploration of some of WoW’s harshest territories!

But what of the second post? Well, Reversion over at LFM wants you to burn one phrase into your brain.

Now tanks and dps say it with me all together, “The healer’s mana is my responsibility.” Put it on a post it note and stick it to your screen. Tattoo it on the back of your mouse hand. Learn it, know it, love it.

Stick with it: Reversion’s right. We all need to remember this fact. Reversion’s post explains why it’s critical for teams to work together, be mindful of the situation and learn tricks we might’ve forgotten in order to ensure our healers don’t run out of mana. And we, y’know, make friends with the floor. Great post, only downside is a number of typos – but I’m sure you can work those out.

What about you – do you have any tips to share for running either normal or Heroic five mans in Cataclysm?

_Quote taken directly from Reversion’s post

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