Vixsin: Preparing for Cataclysm Dungeons and Heroics

So I’m guessing there’s a decent chance you’re getting your dungeon or heroic hat on at the moment. Given Cataclysm’s a brave new world of adventures, or at least of shiny lootses, a fair few of us are feeling a tad awkward about the whole dungeoneering thing. Well, Vixsin’s come to our rescue with a post on getting into dungeons and heroics.

Vixsin’s picked up that a lot of people are pondering what equipment they need in order to be ready for various types of group content. As a healer herself, Vixsin’s post is aimed mostly at healers but I’m guessing that everyone can get something out of it.

The good news is that a starter gear set is well within your reach, provided that you quested your way through the various Cataclysm zones. In fact, I was able to step into heroics immediately after hitting 85, with just a minor amount of work, no BOEs, and a couple very solid quest items.

She opens up with a list of her heroic-ready gear, showing how little of it she had to do anything but quest for. She also talks about which are the easiest heroics – a useful reference for everyone including healers wanting to test eeking out their mana bar.

A great post timed just right to help us not run around like headless chickens panicking about bridging the gap to heroics.

What about you – do you need any other information or opinions on heroics before you set foot in them?

_Quote taken directly from Vixsin’s post

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