Super-short, super-useful – What can Warlocks CC and what quests haven’t you done?

Good evening, afternoon, or morning as appropriate!

We’re starting off today with a couple of super-snippets – not huge great Tamarind-style epic blog posts, but tiny little hits of the Useful.

First up, Girls Don’t Play WoW has a guide to all forms of Warlock CC. Doesn’t sound that useful? “But I’m not a Warlock”? Think again, I’d say. It’s a quick blast of info that tells you a lot of capabilities you probably didn’t know your raid’s locks had.

Did you know that locks have 6, yes, 6, forms of more-than-2-sec CC? Did you know that with the right glyphs they’re nearly as good at CC as a Mage? I’m damn sure I didn’t.

Well, you do now. Awesome.

Second up, a quick recommendation for an addon that soothes away one of the biggest pains in Cataclysm: lost quests. You know that point where you just can’t find the next damn questgiver? They’re around somewhere, but you’re buggered if you know where?

Windsoar’s been there, and she’s got a recommendation. I’ve wanted an addon like that for years, and I’m very glad that API changes in WoW mean it’s now possible.

So there you go. Short, sweet, simple, and hopefully, handy as hell.

Whilst we’re on the subject – do you have any quick tips for Cata or otherwise you’d like to share with your fellow Melting Potters?

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