Priest With A Cause: Is Levelling Too Fast?

The new levelling game is shiny, fast paced and action packed. There’s so much to do! Well, that’s kind of the problem says Shintar over at Priest With A Cause. She’s noticed a thread on the EU forums in which someone said they were levelling too fast, then 17 pages’ worth of replies pitched in. Some of them even stayed on topic!

Shintar says she was a bit taken aback by this thread. That’s a lot of people commenting on levelling being too fast. It’s got her thinking about how levelling’s changed as WoW’s evolved – she levelled back in Vanilla before all the cuts to xp you needed to level, and says that when those were introduced she wasn’t overly keen on them. Now that’s not something I hear often but can really sympathise with. Now, Shinat points out, the game’s grown into an interseting but awkward place. Suddenly there are a million and one things to do but not enough levels to fit ’em all in to.

I don’t think anybody is pining for the days when you had to be half a Loremaster and run every instance at least once to reach the level cap at all, but this new system doesn’t flow very well either. Blizzard used to encourage people to dabble in different aspects of the game, but right now doing so almost feels like a punishment. When you’re halfway through a zone-wide story arc, you don’t want to see that all the quests have turned grey after you “dared” to run an instance and a battleground.

Shintar’s left this quite open for debate. She does acknowledge the XP turn off/on option but says doing that every time you want to let a zone’s quests catch up with you or don’t want to level in dungeons is clunky, and I agree with her. Though the XP you get from dungeons being nerfed this week might affect the latter – and I suspect Shintar posted before that was announced – it doesn’t affect the quest XP. Nor the fact that the new Battleground level brackets (thanks for this news, Cynwise!) meaning you can probably get a fairer fight – and more XP for your BG – if you PvP when levelling.

Great post from Shintar and while we’re all enjoying the levelling experience I’d really like to hear what you think – is it too fast, are you getting left behind and can’t fit everything in? Or is it fine and there’ll be years to explore everything anyway?

_Quote taken directly from Shintar’s post

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