Post-Cata New WoW Blog Roundup

It feels like ages since I did a new blog roundup for WoW but then a lot’s changed in the past couple of weeks. Azeroth’s Shattering, Cataclysms opening up new areas of the land and sea… heck, even my warrior’s change from pea-in-a-pod armour to clown suit feels like a break from the norm. So it’s with fresh eyes that I’m taking a look around and seeing what’s popped up in the blogosphere while all of this has gone on. What I’m finding is quite a selection.

  • Paw Prints At The Portal – really descriptive blog name, right? Well, Wolf’s blog itself has a lovely header and the content’s good too. He says he’s going to be musing on tanking, healing, damage dealing – yep, everything. And he’s doing it using every trick under the sun. He’s got text, he’s got graphs, screenshots, movies – even a comic strip.
  • Alto’s Gold”ish” Advice – Alto actually prodded us himself, so thanks for that Alto. I’m really glad he did, given his posts are all really informative ‘news bits’ and advice about anything related to gold making, and he updates often. Alto himself is friendly and his blog feels like he’s really out to help people, so I’m already a big fan.
  • Rants of a Priest – Morituri’s our priest here, and he’s been blogging for a few weeks now. So far it looks like he’s got a good range of topics all fitting neatly into that blog title – some of them are ranty, some of them are priesty, some of them are both. All of them have varying tones and styles to keep us on our toes, which is how it should be for a healer!
  • Big Daddy Olga – now this is a great idea. Not everyone knows how to raid or even what raiding is. Olga’s taken on board something mentioned on the Twisting Nether podcast a few weeks ago. His goal: to create a resource for inexperienced players to get into raiding. That’s a gap in the blogosphere that long needed filling, so I really hope Olga enjoys it and runs with it – go give him a few words of encouragement!
  • Tree Heals Go Whoosh – This blog caught my eye thanks to its title. I can really imagine tree heals going whoosh and whipping up a storm of leaves and branches! Tzufit’s front page at the moment is a journey from just before Cataclysm hit to the present, with the first impressions, zone trials and heroics reactions in between. Not to mention a Blog Azeroth shared topic. Looking forward to reading more here.
  • Nicegrl – Nicegrl brings us a general WoW blog. No wait, when I say general, I mean she’s covering everything from levelling reactions, a guide to the new archaeology profession and an entire section of the blog about in game outfits. That’s quite a resume already. Sounds like she plans to build on that and post about class stuff too – all with a good mixture of text and screenshots.

Well, that’s it for now. This is probably the last new blog roundup before the New Year but I suspect the holidays might see some new blogs spring up. So if you find one – or even if you start one – let us know about it! Either in the comments or via the contact form, like Wolf and Alto did. We’ll give you a warm welcome early next year, or maybe squeeze in an extra roundup over the holidays if we get enough folks waving at us (mince pies welcome!)

For now though, let’s welcome the new folks to the blogosphere – what better time to start a WoW blog?