Everything You Need To Know About Gearing for PvP in Cata

Evening all! Rebecca’s taking a couple of days off from the Pot to recover from the Cata-binge, and so for the next few days I’m at the helm. Bwaahahahaaha. Etc.

First up this evening, we’ve got a fantastically useful post from Cynwise. He’s basically gone through every source of PvP gear for all levels, for everyone from the hardcore Arena guy to, well, me, the man who’s only ever played 7 Arena fights and lost 6 of them. (I think the 7th group were all AFK).

One of the biggest shifts in the new gear model is that most PvP gear does not require PvP ratings to purchase. There is no longer a massive gear discrepancy between low and high rated players, as long as you can get the Conquest Points to purchase it, the top-tier gear is yours.

It sounds like, with the new expansion, now’s an excellent time for anyone, even the PvP newbie, to get a bit of pee vs pee combat in. And Cynwise’s guide makes the entire shenaigan sound accessible and understandable, rather than the frightening morass of arena ratings and hardcore requirements that I’d always assumed Wrath PvP was, from what I saw of it.

If you’ve got any thoughts of getting into arenas or battlegrounds, give the guide a look!

Are you planning to delve into PvP this expansion? Or staying clear and sticking to PvE?

_Quote taken directly from Cynwise’s post.

You can find_ Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual here.__