Cataclysm Roundup: Making Gold In Cata To Missing Something In Vashj’ir

All across the world cataclysm players are slowly resurfacing from the den that’s been their computer room for the next few days. Things are starting to get back to normal, whatever that is!

So the blogosphere’s starting to look more lively again as more folks come out of the “must save the world fast” reverie. Same for me actually – things are back tto running normally on the Pot today. Though due to a car service that took an eternity this afternoon and preparing for a podcast later today, I’m going to see the week out with a couple more Cataclysm roundup posts. So without further ado…

  • Markco’s Guide to Making Gold in Cataclysm … with WOTLK! – Markco’s got some examples of Wrath items that are past it now but will still earn a wad of cash on the Auction House. Quick, go check your bank character’s pockets and shoe insoles for the bits n’ bobs you stashed away for a rainy day! He also reminds us of some simple-to-follow and sensible “Markcovian” economic principles to help you get te most out of the AH at the mo.
  • Where is the entrance to the Stonecore? So Stonecore’s a little hidden away and there are a fair number of folks having trouble finding it. Latus’ post is a  catch-all guide and should direct you straight to the entrance whether you’re good with directions or, like me, are a tad geographically challenged.
  • Maelstrom ho! – A quick read from Nibuca who’s updating us on her questing progress at the moment. It’s an entertaining read as well as being short, and Nibuca ponders an interesting question about whether she missed something at the end of Vashj’ir – not the first time I’ve heard that.
  • Xzilend’s Warlock Gearing Compendium – much of what a warlock could need for gearing up in Cataclysm. Want to know what PvE gear there is for your warlock? Or even PvP gear? Yep, there’s a PvP gear list about. Xzilend’s also taking a look at reputation rewards and enchants. The only catch is that the pre-raid gear list is still a work in progress, but I’m suspecting Xzilend will update that ASAP.

That’s it for this time. Keep your eyes peeled (not literally please, ewww) for another post later!

Meanwhile – there’s been a lot of talk of the early zones – you know, surviving Vashj’ir and doing heroic deeds in Mount Hyjal. **But have you moved on to other sones – or done them already – what do you think of them?