Cata Roundup: Guild leveling, Hyjal and Vashj’ir Impressions, Healing In Cataclysm

Folks are starting to surface from their game-induced reverie, presumably in need of survival essentials like coffee and snacks. As they take a break from levelling they’re also letting us know how they’re getting on with their adventures. These might not be the most useful information but a lot of that’s been covered earlier in the week: no, today, we have tales from the ground. And some from the sea, just for a bit of variety. Interesting reads, especially given that you might not have been to some of these zones yet. I’d issue a spoiler warning and do keep it in mind but for the most part these posts are all generalised and don’t give too much away.

Oh, and there is one matter to be cleared up before we move on. Let’s do that first…

  • Guild Leveling: Numbers – are you confused how the guild levelling works or just need it on screen in one place? Psynister’s gone through the information about guild levelling and his post has details on how much experience your guild can earn per day and how guild members can earn guild experience. He also has a table showing how quickly guilds can expeect to get to the top guild level – a really nice touch,
  • Vashj’ir – Naithin over at Fun In Games has been making his way through the underwater realm of Vashj’ir and has some thoughts on the zone. Specifically he’s taking a look at the story and how it pans out. He doesn’t go into too many details but does generalise how the story arc goes. He looks at how the story works compared to a book or a movie, and says that Blizzard made a brave attempt at it.
  • Daily Thoughts: Hyjal – Sharden’s taken a brief pause from the login queues to share his thoughts on Hyjal so far. He’s talking about his gear and upgrades so far and has some interesting observations – group quests, anyone? A decent read for anyone wondering what Hyjal might be like. He’s also got the low-down on a Hyjal levelling guide if you’re looking for one.
  • Field Report: Undead No More – Zinn’s race changed his priestie and then gone into the new doom n’ gloom zones with her. This one might be of particular interest to healers out there, as among other things he talks about healing the new instances, how hard he’s finding it and how he’s had to adjust his healing style.
  • A lone hunter… – Cheres has been levelling as a hunter and has found that BM just doesn’t do it for him. Though he has found what spec he enjoys and lets us know how he’s modified that – and which pets he’s lugging around in his pocket – to enjoy the levelling game, saying it’s better than previous incarnations of hunters.

Meanwhile, how about you – are you saving the world one zone at a time or are you still enjoying the content we got in the Shattering a couple of weeks ago?