Bio Break: How Will Blizzard Go On From Here?

Syp over at Bio Break is asking some difficult question of Blizzard. Sure, we’re getting an expansion this week but Syp’s looking ahead to the future. What’s going to come after Cataclysm? What can Blizzard do after breaking their world?

It might sound a bit premature to look ahead when we haven’t even got the expansion running brightly on our monitors and burning the new lands into our retinas. But Syp’s not doing this by way of tearing Cataclysm apart and saying “want better!” Instead he’s asking some astute questions, not least of which being whether Blizzard has the guts to keep going in the vein they’ve struck with Cataclysm. It’s an interesting question given the leak of Blizzard’s product timeline this week – that in itself is contested, but Syp’s timing with this piece jumps on the “Blizzard timeline” tail.

Without fail, every time an expansion or major patch lands for an MMO, I’m already thinking about the next one.  WoW players’ eyes are full to the brim of Cataclysm right now, but the newness will wear off and future-vision will become the norm once more.  People will start to wonder what direction Blizzard will take WoW, particularly as the trend of an expansion being merely 10 levels added to the cap with a new race or class has been — somewhat — shaken up.

It’s not just questions in Syp’s mind, though. He’s got a few thoughts on what might happen in future expansions and they’re quite interesting – and well open to discussion. His thoughts are based on what he’s seen of Blizzard’s actions so far and how they roll. Some of them might seem fairly obvious extrapolations on first glance but Syp’s writing reads as logical musings and I’ve found myself wondering whether we’ll see a mixture of those things.

What do you think – do you think Blizzard will drop the WoW ball in the future or will they come through and deliver something even more epic? How?

_Quote taken directly from Syp’s post_

_You can find Bio Break’s homepage here_

_You can find the Blizzard product timeline leak in various places, I don’t know where it was first reported – cite welcome. Using the WoWhead analysis for now.