Beruthiel and Saniel: Guild Reward Fish Feasts And New Characters

Every so often I like to do something really nonsensical. Like wear the nearest item to hand like a hat, or decide to do some sewing while we watch our pre-sleep TV. Well, today I’m going to throw two posts together for you that really don’t go together for any reason other than they’re both short and good reads.

Oh, I guess it kinda makes sense to put them together then. Anyway, the first is a quick solution for any guild that wants access to one of the fish feast guild rewards. As Beruthiel notes those rewards aren’t quick to get hold of and you might not be sure where to start. So she’s put together a quick guide on exactly how to achieve one of the feasts and what you’ll need to do it. She says that it’s not the best feast you can get through guild rewards but it’s a start – useful for any guild, especially those looking to start raiding soon.

On a coupletely different note Saniel’s poking you about your habits. Not in a bad or creepy way: he’s just curious what little quirks you have when you create new characters. He gives an example of one of his own – I didn’t even twig that the starter hairstyles weren’t the only options – and is genuinely interested to hear what traditions you might have. A fun topic and one I suspect we can all pitch in to.

So do you have any quick tips or amusing quirks in game that you don’t mind sharing?

_No quote taken this time as both posts are quite short – go read, will take you but a mo.

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