AHHH Real Dragons! Schedule For Cataclysm Week And Helpful Cataclysm Posts

Hey! Long flight? Stuck on a loading screen in game? Corpse running from your latest wipe in a shiny new difficult dungeon? Not playing at all because you couldn’t get the time off and want the latest news nownownow? If that’s the case my thoughts are with you!

I’m playing Cataclysm too, just like you. I’ve set aside some time to play and I’m intending to quest and instance my little heart out. Right now I’m exploring Mount Hyjal for the first time, taking my fury warrior for a spin and spending most of my time handing quests in to NPCs who are heroically balancing 30 player-drakes on their heads.

I still intend to be posting. Crazy? Probably. But I expect the blogosphere to explode in a rush of excitement, albeit after a pause while everyone glues their eyes to the game and forgets to post. And there are going to be moments you alt-tab out and want a quick read. So I’ll be combining the two and bringing you exciting, happy reads to keep you occupied when the rest of the party is calling each other noobs because the sheeped mob got free early.

‘Cos I’m playing too the updates won’t be at particular times but whenever I see something interesting and get a chance to post it. We might also do a few quick-tips posts of things we’ve found ourselves as we wander around being gubbed by overgrown fish people.

Posts will also probably be a bit shorter for the next few days (this one excepting) so that we can all get on with the important task of playing. Just to prove that we’re still here in this manic time though, here are some tasters of useful stuff the blogosphere’s got as we start our Cataclysmic journey:

That’ll do for now – there’s more, of course there’s more – but you want something to read for later, right?

As always, comments are welcome as we change from a Wrathful and pie-loving bad guy to literally trying to kill internet dragons. I’m not seriously expecting you guys to have time to comment right now but I’d be greatly interested to hear your thoughts on posts and updates on how you’re enjoying Cata. Remember, stay safe, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!