You Yank It You Tank It: How To Prepare For The Shattering This Weekend

The Shattering’s coming. Well, probably. It’s a game changer and it’s going to affect all of us as soon as we login after downloading the patch it’s a part of. And that might be as soon as next Tuesday. Argh! Good job, then, that Askevar over at You Yank It You Tank It has written a survival guide of what to do to prepare for the Shattering.

Askevar’s got a knack for writing guides to make sure big changes don’t confuzzle us. As ever this guide is very down-to-earth. Her approach is: it’s coming, so just get on with these things and you’ll be fine. She’s recommending specific things to do to prepare yourself and your characters before patch day. Given that might be just around the corner ready to jump on us and eat our faces – kidding, at least on the jumping part –  it’s a good idea to have a read through her list and see if you’ve forgotten anything.

Askevar’s list comprises six main points. Some of them will help you prepare mentally, a bit like making sure you’re ready to go into an exam or interview so you don’t bounce off the walls when it actually happens. Some of her points are plain good practice advice, like clearing out your various banks. Some of them could also be extended to your guild, once you’ve done everything else.

Clean out your banks on every toon.  Vendor whatever you can stand to get rid of, bank what you want to keep.  If you have a personal guild/vault – clean that out as well.  Even if you keep old mats, knowing what items are where can maximize your efficiency or ability to sell them in the early days of the expansion.

Clean up your bags.  Give yourself a clean slate to begin questing again…  Dump that gray that got mixed in with your gear, restock food and any reagents needed [mostly mage I believe?].

Looks like we all have busy weekends ahead. How’s it looking for you – are you prepared, or did Askevar’s list help you get focused and ready?

_Quote taken directly from Askevar’s post_

_You can find You Yank It You Tank It’s homepage here_