WoW Arms Warrior PvE Stats, Rotation And Glyphs {Patch 4.1}

This guide is out of date! Check out our Patch 4.2 guide to Arms Warrior Glyphs, Gems, Stats, Rotation, Reforging and everything else to get the latest info!

So you’re a master of arms. An Arms Warrior in fact. But you woke up one morning and everything had changed. How do you use all the abilities you had mastered as an Arms warrior now? How do you play Arms in patch 4.1? Well, relax that furrowed brow and stop waving the oversized blunt/sharp/stabby weapon. You’ll have someone’s eye out. Relax, read our basic guide for playing Arms warriors in patch 4.1, and you’ll soon be back to looking the coolest soldier out there.

Arms warrior rotation:

Single target: Rend > Colossus Smash > Mortal Strike > Overpower > Slam

  • Once mob health is at or below 20% use Execute instead of Slam
  • _If Rend is about to fall off your target hit Mortal Strike before anything else to refresh Rend

_ * _Use Overpower whenever it cools down/procs, only use Colossus Smash to refresh its debuff.

_ * _Use Heroic Strike if you have 70+ rage


Multi target: Rend > Thunderclap > Sweeping Strikes > Bladestorm > Thunderclap > *

  • This is if you have the Blood and Thunder talent.
  • _* If bladestorm and sweeping strikes are on CD activate inner rage (if high rage) or deadly calm (if low rage) and spam cleave


Arms talent specs:

Recommended talent build for level 85 Arms warrior


Hit > Expertise > Strength >  Critical Strike Rating up to 35% > Mastery >  Haste

  • _You need 8% hit = 961 hit rating. You also need 26 Expertise. Once you have these numbers stop stacking them.

_ * Reforge haste to hit until capped, then to crit until 35%, then mastery * _Mastery Rating is very nearly as important as Critical Strike Rating in 4.1

_ * Gem for strength in red and blue sockets. Gem for Strength + Critical strike in yellow if the socket bonus is worth it (i.e. +10 strength).


Primes: Glyph of SlamGlyph of Mortal StrikeGlyph of Overpower

Major: Glyph of Heroic ThrowGlyph of Colossus SmashGlyph of Sweeping Strikes

  • _Consider taking Glyph of Cleaving for AoE heavy fights. See above for how to use cleave effectively._

Minor: Your choice. Recommendations: Glyph of Intimidating ShoutGlyph of Berserker Rage



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