Thought for the day – why can’t we friend people in the Dungeon Finder?

Rather than a full-fledged editorial today, I thought I’d post something that’s been bugging me as more of a topic for discussion – I really want to see what the opinion of the blogosphere is.

Why, oh why, doesn’t Blizzard seem to have any interest in including a “friend” or “favourite” function in the Dungeon Finder? You can ignore idiots, but you can’t say “yay” to great people.

That means that you can’t use the DF for the positive experience of building a social circle. It makes the experience center more on avoiding idiots than finding awesome people. It prevents strong social bonds forming, bonds that would make Blizz lots of money as we come back to WoW for our friends.

Why doesn’t that seem to be something that’s even being discussed?