The WoW Noob: 10 Things You Need To Know After The Shattering

Right. The Shattering’s done its thing to the world. So what do you need to know? Good question, and I suspect over the next couple of days there will be answers aplenty for everything from world to class changes. But Melfina over at the WoW Noob has beaten everyone else to it with a list of the top ten things you need to know. Y’know, since your world has just been torn asunder by a grumpy dragon.

Melfina’s list is just what you need as you prepare to face the changes. Some of the items on her list are confirmations of things you can or can’t do yet – information you might have seen elsewhere, or seen contradicting things over. Well, she’s confirmed em one way or the other, no bones about an argument. Other things on her list are little quirks she’s noticed that we didn’t hear about pre-patch. I’m looking forward to checking out #2 and #10 on the list and really hope that #6 is a bug for anyone trying to get that achievement.

Sound mysterious? Aye, well, Melfina’s post is short and to the point – it’s the list and nothing else. Oh, except a screenshot backing up point #9, which is also quite cool. Either way I’m not going into too much detail to spoiler you nor quoting part of the post, so as not to spoil Melfina’s thunder.

But go read it for yourself, and meanwhile let me know in the comments if you’ve spotted anything else cool, worrying or downright unexpected!

_You can find The WoW Noob’s homepage here_