Syl and Theanorak: Preparing For Healing Changes As DPS

So Cataclysm’s going to change how we need to play in group settings unless we all want to, y’know, build a colourful rapport with the floor. But Syl at Raging Monkeys is worried about just how easily we’re going to make this change as a playerbase. And she’s helping us help our guilds and friends to get to grips.

Syl starts off talking about the difference between ‘vanilla’/old WoW, Wrath, and what’s to come. Sure, she says, she’s nostalgic for old WoW and is looking forward to the Cata changes, but she says that we’ve all become reckless at some point in Wrath. Are we going to be able to change mindset?

To get back to the uneasy feeling, what I’m worried about is how we will revert to this more careful and tactical mindset in WoW, not “we” the healers but “we” the entire player base. All of us have become reckless halfway through WotLK, tanks reckless with pulling, DPS reckless with starting to fire and AoE right away, healers reckless with mana and overhealing. It’s a mindset we will all have to lose if Blizzard’s promises come true…

She says yes, and we can help each other. She’s written a post summarizing the changes to healers and their new healing spells. It’s aimed mostly at DPSers in her own guild, and is intended as an informative breakdown on what they can expect – why, for example, their healers are suddenly DPSing.

The best bit? She says to feel free to copy or adjust that part of the post – specifically sub-headed “Dear DPS” – to your own guild if they need a healing-change primer.

As an aside Theanorak of Mysterious Buttons has written a cheeky post in response to Syl’s. It’s designed as an eloquent, thoughtful and cap-tugging letter to tanks and healers from a “member of the great unwashed”: a DPS. Thoroughly tongue in cheek and hugely entertaining – Theanorak’s post is well worth a read alongside Syl’s helpful and (I believe) well intentioned article.


What do you think – are we as a playerbase going to have a healthy relationship with the floor or are we going to adapt quickly?**

_Quote taken directly from Syl’s post

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