Roundup: Reactions And Thoughts On The Healer, Tanks, DPS In Groups Debate

…Right. So today the blogosphere’s lit up with a range of posts on roughly the same topic after Tamarind’s post from yesterday, where he talks about the LFD system dehumanising us, how much effort we expect from strangers, and how DPS are disempowered and none of us should be okay with this.

A chunky post.

Some of today’s posts are responses to it, some of them look to be happy coincidences. Some of them are about the LFD system: some of them are about the tank/DPS/healer roles. But they all share a common feature. They’re about being part of a group. So, rather than picking and choosing one to stick a seal of epicness on and present you with, I’m rounding them all up, nodding my approval and letting you choose which opinions on the topic strike the most epic chord with you.

  • Shut Up And Follow The Tank: Analogue over at Looking For More says that both healers and DPS should be happy to follow the tank blindly in an instance. Wait, before you get the pitchforks out, go read why. Her post is very grounded. It’s from her point of view of both a healer talking to DPSers and as her recent experience being a DPS in a group where things went a bit haywire (largely because of a nitwibbler of a tank).
  • For good or evil… the LFD tool…: Lady Erinia over at Moments in the Life of a DK is casting her eye back over her WoW career and comparing the times when LFD wasn’t around to now. She says her gaming experience has really changed since LFD turned up and I’d reckon she’s not the only player who’s found that. I wonder how many of us are in similar shoes to Lady E?
  • LFD: How To Fit In: Jasyla of Cannot Be Tamed has a hilarious recount of the worst possible behaviours of any role in a group and needless to say is just what is worst about the dungeon finder and we shouldn’t do. Brilliant, tongue in cheek, and had me laughing out loud. I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen most of the things on her list and maybe even done a few ourselves. Still, keeps the topic at hand lighthearted and fun.
  • A Quick Note and I Am A Damage Dealer: our resident pancake lover Traxy and Vidyala over at Manalicious are both coming to the same conclusion but in very different styles. They’re picking up on Tamarind’s point that DPSers shouldn’t be treated as “less” equal to tanks and healers in a group, and are both saying that DPS should take pride in themselves. Vidyala is very obviously proud of herself and the role of DPS, when she or others do it well and say that DPS should be proud of each other, too. Traxy, on the other hand, wishes she saw that kind of attitude more. Either way – gogo, DPSers.
  • Ancient roles, and non-negotiation in instance groups part 2: Spinks of Welcome to Spinksville has some brief thoughts on traditional roles as handed down from older games and how they interact with the ideal of everyone being able to express him or herself in a group setting. I was more convinced by the first half of her post than the latter, but the whole thing’s an interesting read and something I’d not considered in this debate yet.

That’s all on the topic – hopefully something’s grabbed your attention. Someone’s mentioned it’s no surprise this topic’s come up in the last days of the pre Cata lull and we’ll move on from it as soon as Cata hits. That’s quite true, though LFD probably isn’t going anywhere.

What do you think – are LFD and role ideals going to adapt with us to the new game, or is LFD going to be a worse place in Cataclysm?

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