PvE Rogues: Giving Away A Pet From The Blizzard Store

So the Blizzard store has pets in it. You know, the non-combat variety who stand next to you and gurgle adorably while you mash something’s face in. Or have yours mashed in, the non-combat pets aren’t picky. Either way, they’re really cute. Some of them have been known to have grown men go “awwwwww”, although they’d deny it. But why the big fuss about the pets in the Blizzard store, we all know about them – right?

Right. We all know they’re there. Which is why it’s great that Garona over at PvE Rogues has a competition running in which you can win one of five pets from the Blizzard store. Which pets? She lists them in her post.

Yup, you heard me. A competition where someone else will buy you a pet from the Blizzard store if you win. What’s the catch?

Well, not much really. Garona’s made it really simple to enter. You don’t have to be a rogue to enter. You have a whole week to enter, from today to Cataclysm launch day. And all you have to do in two simple steps…

  1. Follow PvERogues on twitter
  2. Tweet a particular phrase with a # before it AND which pet you’d want if you win. Garona has the phrase you need, and an example tweet, over in her post.

Why’s she doing this? It’s a double celebration – Cataclysm’s coming out and it’s his blog’s one year blogaversary. The winner will be chosen at random but if you don’t enter you’ve no chance of winning, right? Seriously, if you don’t have a twitter account – go sign up. It’s quick and simple and you don’t have to do anything with it after you’ve tweeted your entry to @PvErogues (though you do need to stay a follower of PvE rogues on twitter until December 7th).

Right, I’m off to tweet @PvERogues – remember you’ve only got a week to do this folks, so get a’tweeting. If you need any clarifcation over how this works just ask Garona over on her post (or check my twitter feed for an example). Meanwhile, congrats to PvE rogues for the 1 year milestone – let us know how many entries you got come the 7th!