Manalicious: How To Build Your Teamwork

Vidyala’s got a year’s worth of experience of being in the thick of the action in a 10 man raid and has decided that now’s the time. She’s stepped back and put some thoughts down on – well, the ether – about good practice for a 10 man team. Good timing really, given it could be just what you or someone you know needs to read if you’re going in to any kind of group setting for Cataclysm.

That’s what makes Vidyala’s post great. Her post has 6 main points of things she thinks can improve your group’s performance and solidarity, but she explains all of them so well that you could easily apply some of her principles to other types of group play, too. Playing with a few friends? PvPing? 25 mans? Sure. Vidyala mentions some of these and how they all help a 10 man group get to know each other better, but as she says some of these ideas can work both ways, too.

Many raiders who opt to focus exclusively on ten person content do so because they want an intimate atmosphere. When you have just nine other people counting on you, and you spend twelve or more hours with them every week – you get to know each other pretty well. You’re there for the high points and the low; you share that tough kill you finally pulled off and the Vent channel erupts in cheers, or the boss you can’t down and so people rally around the forums to talk strategy, and figure out a way to make it happen

Her 6 points are all absolutely correct and really sound like they’ve come from someone who’s been aiming to perfect the art of 10 mans for a little while. Many of her points are built round the fact that a smaller raiding group has a cozier atmosphere, and she gives a lot of tips on how to include all the other members of your group. I’m really happy to see that she includes things about foestering environments for mistakes and making your group be flexible around peoples’ strengths.

Definitely a good read whether you’re leading or taking part in group content coming up – and Vidyala’s asking for feedback from folks with any type of team-play background. We’d be interested to hear what you reckon too – have you found her list useful, or would you run things differently?

_Quote taken directly from Vidyala’s post_

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