Mana Obscura: Which Subscription Model Would You Prefer?

The World of Warcraft is huge. Package all the types of content into one game and it’s suddenly a huge world of possibilities and experiences. The mind boggles. So thumbs up for Gazimoff who’s wondering today – what’s the future of subscription and do we want to be able to choose what content we buy?

Gaz points out we’re already seeing choices in subscription types  in some games, where you can choose what content you purchase. But he says this can become costly if you end up wanting all the available options, and the more traditional flat subscription fee for all content that WoW champions doesn’t have that problem.

But what if we had more choices than that? Say you could choose the Lite Edition with only a handful of character slots and limited bagspace, or the Gargantuan Edition with a shedload of space for alts and an aircraft hangar to store all your inventory, or a range of other types in the middle.

Gaz also touches on the debacle over whether cinematics would cost extra if one was downloading the digital version of Cataclysm. It’s an interesting point to mention, as it suggests a fine line between when it’s acceptable to charge for extra content and what type – is charging extra for another raid zone okay while charging for the cinematics are not?

We’re getting into another debate here but Gaz has certainly opened an interesting can of beans. I’m genuinely interested to see how this one turns out – what do you think? Let him (and us!) know!

_Quote taken directly from Gazimoff’s post

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