Gnomeaggedon: Shave And A Hair Cut, All For A Good Cause?

Gnomeaggedon’s had something terrible happen to him. He’s lost his facial hair. All right, you might say on gnomes that’s an improvement, but it’s no laughing matter for Gnomeaggedon. He’s actively engaged a barber’s services – risky at any time, but I wouldn’t trust the goblin he’s screenshotted – and it’s for a good cause.

Gnomeaggedon’s shaving his beard and moustache for November in support of Men’s Health organisation Movember. Every year men take part by starting the month clean shaven and then growing “Movember moustaches” through the month. It’s mostly happening in Gnomeaggedon’s part of the world – Australia – but it could be going on anywhere near you too. Movember aims to raise money for two specific areas of men’s health – prostrate cancer and depression in men.

I’m hoping you will support me in this, because there is one thing I am sure of, Mo’s & Gnomes don’t mix. I also know that a Mo on the RL avatar adds 40 years to appearances and gives the impression of a man out of his latest chemo session.

Last time I participated in Movember, my family went into panic mode, my aged mother freaked out big time. My friends suddenly wanted to catch up, just in case it was the last time they saw me. My wife and son didn’t want to be seen in public (often in private) with me.

It’s the first of the Movember month today and Gnomeaggedon’s post is an update on preparing both his character and himself in real life for the challenge since he announced it at the weekend. It sounds like it’s a cause close to his heart, and we’ll be hearing more about that as the month progresses. For now, though, he’s asking for any kind of moral support you can give, be that anything from cheers of encouragement to considering donating to the good cause.

So do what you can – maybe let Gnome know what you think of his new look, or even if you’re joining him (or getting someone you know to do so!)

_Quote taken directly from Gnomeaggedon’s post

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