Fury Warrior Stats, Rotation And Glyphs In Patch 4.0.1+

This guide is now outdated. Visit our guide to Fury Warrior (Single Minded Fury and TItan’s Grip) in Patch 4.2 to get the latest info!

Warrior smash! Except warrior can’t smash, because all the pretty buttons changed in patch 4.0. Now warrior scratch head. How does a warrior play in patch 4.0? Well, if you’re that warrior, don’t worry – we’ve got the 4.0 fury warrior basics covered here so you can stop scratching you head and get smashing stuff. Before you do them the wrong way round, ‘cos that might hurt.

Fury warrior rotation:

Single target: Blood thirst > Heroic Strike > Blood thirst > free (either Heroic Strike, Battle Shout or Berserker Rage in order to stay enraged for Raging Blow procs) > rinse repeat

  • Use Raging Blow whenever it procs
  • Use Execute when mob is at 20% > Heroic strike if rage above 60

Multi target: Cleave > Blood Thirst > Whirlwind

Fury talent specs:

Standard talent build for level 80 Fury warrior

  • Notes: you can swap a point out of War Academy into Incite (personal preference)
  • You can swap Titan’s Grip for Single Minded Fury, but you can’t have both (again, personal preference)


Hit > Strength > Expertise > Haste > Critical Strike Rating > Mastery


  • _Hit is now more important. Work towards 738 hit. You also need 22 Expertise/172 Expertise Rating.

_ * If you have 61% crit or more, mastery overtakes crit in importance. * _Reforge haste to hit until capped, then to expertise. If you are over the expertise cap, reforge to hit.

_ * _Gem for strength. In blue sockets gem for strength and hit._


Primes: Glyph of BloodthirstGlyph of Raging BlowGlyph of Slam

Major: Glyph of Cleaving

Minor: Glyph of Berserker Rage


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