Falling Leaves And Wings: Are 25 Mans Going To Be Worth The Effort In Cata?

So Cataclysm is about to drop big changes on raiding mechanics. 10 and 25 man raids will drop the same loot. A lot of us are biting our nails to see what this does to our favourite raid size and our guild, and Beru over at Falling Leaves and Wings has joined that group with her latest post.

Beru is worried that 25 mans are going to suffer, but she’s not being unfair to 10 mans. Y’know, she’s not saying they should die in the hurty stuff on the floor. She’s simply looking at what we know of Cataclysm and speculating that 25 mans might not continue to be worth the effort compared to running a smaller 10 man group for essentially the same carrots rewards.

We are going into the expansion full steam as a 25 man raiding guild. We’ve been a 40s/25s guild since Vanilla – and we don’t want to change that. But I’m going to be honest here, I’m really struggling to find the silver lining in this cloud. It is a lot  of work to organize a 25 man raid, and even more work to do it with any modicum of success. But to date – it’s continued to be worth the effort put into it because the reward has been there to justify it.

But moving forward?

I have to tell you, I just don’t know where the effort vs reward factor is going to fall. I want to continue raiding 25s – we’ve built a strong guild full of people that I enjoy playing with, and I don’t want that to change.

I’m a 10 man advocate (put those sticks away!) and have my own wibbles. But Beru’s post is very well written: I can really empathise with where she’s coming from. Her guild is based on running 25 mans, it’s what they do. But, she asks, what will the real point be – are 25 mans really going to get more quantity of loot to gear the group up quicker than a 10 man? And what if the raids aren’t balanced well enough and either 10 or 25 man turns out to be easier?

Beru’s post alraedy has a lively discussion going but she’d like to hear your thoughts too – as would we! What do you think – are you really worried about your favourite raid size? If so, why?

_Quote taken directly from Beru’s post

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