Editorial Feature: Half The Expansion In Advance?

So the word on the ether is that the Shattering will hit us on Tuesday. The world will never be the same again, the end is nigh, doom is upon us. And so on and so forth. ‘Tis true that the Shattering looks to be changing the world and the zones we’ve come to know and love will be, well, shattered. Torn asunder. Sprinkled into itty bitty pieces that settle in the dust as new zones with new quests and new, terrible dangers.

I’m looking forward to it. No really, I am.

But it feels like we’re getting half the expansion in advance of… y’know, the expansion. And it don’ feel right, mon.

Let me say right now that I’m one of those weird people who’s kept themselves away of most of the information about Cataclysm. I’m looking forward to it but I want to experience it all shiny and fresh, not have read about it first. I want the surprise and the magical feeling of exploring what will be a new world. So that in mind, I fully accept that I might have missed something obvious. Doh.

Which is why I’m putting this thought out today. I’m puzzled and I’m hoping you’ll help me out: am I right or wrong? If the Shattering hits on Tuesday and the world changes, the zones change, and presumably the new quests are all put in – because I doubt the questgivers are going to stand around in the same places or have the same cares if the ground’s opening under their feet – then aren’t we essentially getting a large chunk of the expansion two weeks in advance of December 7th, the actual release date?

Of course, if this is the case there’s no point doing any of the new quests until we have our hot sticky mitts on the Cataclysm box (or download) on December 7th, because that’s when we can all level to 85, role a goblin or a worgen, and… um, well, presumably there are other things coming in Ye Actual Expansion. Archaeology! That’s it. (I’m really looking forward to that, actually).

But yeah. Half the expansion two weeks in advance? Doesn’t that stagger the magic just a bit? YAY stuff’s happening and the world’s changed and we’re not comatose waiting anymore! But… but… there’s not that much point doing anything for two weeks. Oh. Back to bed, then.

If it was to hit us just one week in advance of the expansion I’d feel better about it. But two weeks seems a long time. I don’t know – am I missing something – have I got the details of what we’re getting in the Shattering and what we’re getting in Ye Actual Expansion wrong? Or am I right and this is exactly what’s happening? In either case, how do you feel about the Shattering? I’m really interested in this and talking about it seems urgent, given the imminence of this Tuesday.

…Oh, and I’m really hoping the kobolds stay around. I just want to hug them and give them some candles.