Beruthiel and Beth: What To Expect When The Shattering Happens

We’re all abuzz about the Shattering hitting us sometime soon and revealing a whole new world of lava wonders at the expense of the old. But what does the end of the world actually mean for us, as the cultists would like us to ask? Well, in this case that’s a perfectly sensible question and two of our bloggers have the answers.

First up is a post by Beruthiel over at Falling Leaves and Wings. She’s very good at providing critical information just when we’re about to need it and this time is no exception. Her “just a quickie” on 4.0.3a, aka the Shattering patch, information is nowt but the cold hard facts about what we can expect from patch 4.0.3a/the Shattering. Whenever it arrives. Beru lists both what we will get in the patch and what we won’t get, and will have to wait until December 7th when we actually buy, y’know, the rest of the expansion.

It’s a very useful post if you’re not sure what 4.0.3a brings or just want to check when a particular feature will hit us, be it now or later. Interestingly one of Beru’s lists looks a lot longer than the other, and my editorial the other day should have been titled “getting two thirds of the expansion” instead of “half”.  Either way, thanks Beru. Just what we needed.

Beth over at Letters from Birdfall also has a quick post up with details on some of the 4.0.3a changes. It is very brief but she focuses mainly on some specific mounts and whether they will still be available come the world falling apart. If you’re a mount collector or know someone who is, this might just be the reminder you or they need. I could see that post becoming a really useful resource listing ‘extra but oh so necessary items ;)’ and their Cataclysm status – I don’t know if Beth has plans to expand it, but I suspect she won’t mind getting information on other pets/mounts if you have any.

What about you – are you excited or worried about any particular change coming in the Shattering?

_No quotes taken this time as both posts are very short and list-y

You can find Falling Leaves And Wings’ homepage here

You can find Letters From Birdfall’s homepage here_