The Warsong Priest: 6 Reasons To Keep Your Eye On Discipline Priests

I’ve just stumbled upon a great post by The Warsong Priest. It’s a couple of days old now but fresh as a daisy, and is aimed at PvPers out there. Warsong Priest’s giving six tips for a discipline priest in battlegrounds or arena, which as a sometime-discy priest myself I found really useful.

And I bet for anyone who isn’t a discy priest, these are useful tidbits of knowledge to remember for next time you’re facing a disc priest in battle.

The post is well written and explains why you’d want to use these tricks, and when, too. The tips cover everything from best shadow fiend practice to some tricks with breaking CC and fears. I’ll leave you with part of one of them for now, just to whet your appetite…

He pops his shadowfiend, you pop yours.. now the very first thing you should think to do is Psychic Scream  his shadow fiend off you.  Shadowfiends last 15 seconds and you’ve got it feared for 8 plus it has to return back to you meaning that priest isn’t going to get a lot of mana back by the time the shadowfiend dies. So when you pop your shadowfiend you immediately give it fear ward and now since you’re also fighting a priest he thinks to do the same thing you did and he tries to fear your fiend..

Have you got any tips you can add to this, whatever your class is? Or have you fallen foul of a dastardly priest using these tricks?

_Quote taken directly from Warsong Priest’s post

You can find The Warsong Priest’s homepage here_