Spinksville: how does your character race affect you?

Bloody elves. If there’s one thing I know I’m going to have in my face in any new MMO, from WoW to Everquest, it’s the horde of elves. Some people – OK, a whole lot of people – simply have to roll an elf. But why?

Spinksville’s taking that question and a whole lot more on today with a thought-provoking post about racial choices in MMOs. Why do some of us love, love, love elves? Why have I never, ever been able to get into an orc character? Why are there about three female dwaves per server?

There is a long tradition, stretching back to the earliest MUDs, that players have a choice of fantasy races for their characters. It has become part of the MMO scenery, even though in many games it will never much affect your play. So is a race just cosmetic, just another way to customise your character visually?

The post kicks off with a list of the reasons that people might choose their race, but doesn’t go into too much detail (although it’s nice to see the mention of games beyond WoW). But the discussion continues into the comments, with some really interesting personal angles on choices, races, cliche and more.

An enjoyable bit of thought-provocation, particularly with Cataclysm’s plethora of racial choices bearing down on us!

Quote taken from Spinks’ post at http://spinksville.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/is-your-character-race-purely-cosmetic/

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