Roundup: Reactions To The Cataclysm Cinematic

The cat’s out the bag. Well, more the dragon’s out the mountain. The newly released Cataclysm cinematic is visual proof of just how the world’s going to go boom. And why. Sort of. It seems like Deathwing’s woken up a tad upset, although the cinematic leaves some interesting questions.

There are a variety of reactions to the cinematic, ranging from thought provoking questions to downright ready to get the pitchforks. Here’s the best of posts on the cinematic, but be warned – if you haven’t seen it yet, these posts might spoiler you (as might the rest of this post!):

  • To Rhii over at Oh My, Kurenai, Deathwing’s tearing the world – her world – apart is a personal injury. She’s got so much pleasure out of Azeroth that it under threat of molten fire and torn earth is a nasty prospect. Yup, she’s taking it personally all right, and I think it safe to say she wants to put that dragon’s head on a spike.
  • The pink Pigtailed one Larisa says that sure, Cataclysm’s exciting and the cinematic’s a good teaser, but that’s all it is. It’s not special, it doesn’t “floor” her. Why? She gives good reasons, and she’s spot on with the key factor that the cinematic’s missing. And – why release it now?
  • Traxy’s looking at the cinematic and raising a big “wut?” sign over at I Like Pancakes. She’s pointing out some of the ways it doesn’t make sense and the quibbles she has over the cinematic, like why on earth Deathwing would fly the route he does in the trailer, and bigger quibbles still. Good points all.
  • Leafshine’s reposted the cinematic along with a couple of thoughts on it. He’s comparing it to the Wrath cinematic and the human face of the antagonist there. His post’s leaving us with an interesting question – do you care as much about a dragon tearing the world apart as you do a human?
  • Rank 4 Healing Touch is stepping back and looking at how well the cinematic gets you to suspend disbelief and buy into the idea that Deathwing’s threatening, no really, even though he’s only perched on the wall like an ornament. The post looks at past tradition in Japenese RPGs and whether there’s a bit of that missing from WoW storytelling, or that we just don’t see.

Personally I hope Deathwing doesn’t go back after the cinematic to sit in his lair for two years with slippers and pipe just waiting for some adventurers to visit. Y’know, like the last one. It’s a big, angry dragon, and I hope we get to see continual proof of why we should care about him and go a’dragon slayin.


What about you – what are your thoughts on the cinematic?


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