Roundup: Good Posts From Food To Leotards

Ooookay. I’m sitting here amid a gaggle of good posts and wondering which one to choose to prod you folks towards tonight. Then I thought… well, how about letting them see as many as they like? So here we go with a gaggle of fun, light hearted thoughts from various blogs. You want food, leotards and the destruction of civilisation as we know it?

You got it.

  • Let’s start with the destruction of civilisation as we know it. Nope, Gronthe’s not talking about Cataclysm – he’s talking about how acronyms are creeping into our language and cracking the very foundations of order and civility. And how WoW is one of the worst breeding grounds for it. But has he succumbed to the lure of swift communication, too?…
  • Now, Stumps wants us to think about leotards. And how our characters all seem to have a penchant for them. He’s talking about armour sets in WoW and how they all look a bit, well, flimsy. And pretty. I think he’s got a fair point – I don’t feel like I’ve worn a real piece of war-time armour since the Amani Mask of Death back in TBC.
  • Race and gender: topics that can crop up now and again. Well, Vidyala is taking the time to let us know the hows, whys and wheres of changing race into some of the less accessible races of Azeroth. Want to know how to turn into a pink fly? An ogre? A monkey in a pink ball? She’s got the info on how to achieve it, and doesn’t feel at all slighted that druids’ shapeshifting messes up the fun transformations!
  • Food. It’s nearly dinner time here. And Pike’s making me hungry talking about foods in WoW that make her hungry. It’s a good list, I can feel my mouth watering. Be warned that if you read this list you may come out the other side with a hankering for at least 5 different types of food … as well as an appreciation for the effort the developers put in to our characters’ nomables. Mmm, pie.

Well, there you go. Everything we need to keep warm on a cold October night, right?

Have you got anything that should go on this list – or are you off to turn your character into a small female gnome eating pumpkin pie, or something similar?


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