Rank 4 Healing Touch: Why Do You Pick Your Server/Faction?

There’s an interesting poll-post up today over at Rank 4 Healing Touch. In short, Jar’s* asking what attracts you to a server or faction. His whole guild is moving to another server and cross-faction too, and as the move’s started he’s finding the difference between his old home and new one startling.

It’s a good question to ask. His post highlights how different one server can be to another, and even how worlds apart factions can be on each server. Each side to a server takes on its own life, and Jar touches on how awkward it can feel to switch from the server culture you’re used to to something more (or less!) busy or progressed.

What I’d like to know is what do you think makes a server healthy. What do you look for when it comes to a server or to a faction within that server? Is economy important to you? Do you prefer a server with a massive assortment of high end raiding guilds or one that is smaller and kept to itself? Do you want a server whose PuG/GDKP can kill the Lich King with ease? Do you like stilted faction ratios?

So what about you – what makes you settle on a server, and why? Let Jar know!

_Quote taken directly from Jar’s post

You can find Rank 4 Healing Touch’s homepage here._


*I’ve taken to calling the author Jar because it’s the name of his druid toon and I can’t find any authorial name information on the site. Please correct me if I’m wrong._