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by on October 15, 2010

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Patch 4.0.1 has arrived, bringing sweeping changes to the mechanics behind the World of Warcraft, even if Azeroth itself remains to be torn asunder. The changes to the User Interface, talent systems and currencies to name but a few will take some time to adjust to for most, but those of us of a goblin-like persuasion have been analysing, discussing, and preparing for this patch for weeks in the hopes of turning a quick profit.

Here’s a sample of the best content related to preparing that has been produced in the gold-tinted corner of the WoW Blogosphere over the past few weeks, sorted by the markets which are most affected:


Inscription is changing massively – a number of glyphs are being removed (becoming Charred Glyphs), new glyphs are being added and of course, each toon will only have to learn each glyph once. Cold from Cold’s Gold Factory has a succinct list of what the new glyphs are and how you can learn them whilst C-Mill from C-Millions has a few tips of what you should do upon logging in to 4.0.1 to ensure you make the most of the opportunities afforded by the patch. Incidentally, Foo of Foo’s WoW Musings has had the chance to log into 4.0.1 already and has noticed a shortage of herbs available on the Auction House, so if you’re not adverse to a bit of farming every now and then, this could be a great money maker going into the patch as sales of Glyphs appear to be as high as expected and many Scribes will be looking to restock.


A lot of people have been investing in materials for Epic Gems on the assumption that the cooldown on transmuting them was being removed so that those players who would end up with unwanted gems wouldn’t be too penalised by the removal of Armour Penetration for example as they would be able to regem to, say, strength at a reasonable cost.

Boubouille (of MMO Champion) originally stated:

Transmute: Ametrine, Transmute: Cardinal Ruby, Transmute: Dreadstone, Transmute: Eye of Zul, Transmute: King’s Amber, Transmute: Majestic Zircon had their cooldown removed, you might want to assume that this will be the case when 4.0.1 goes live.

As it turns out, this isn’t true (unless its a bug – but we’re yet to see a Blue post on the subject) as the cooldown appears to now be based on the time of day, and resets at midnight server time. So if you craft at 23:45, you’ve only got to wait 15 minutes until you can craft again, but if you craft at 12:00 you’ll have to wait 12 hours.

I’ll include the posts made by my fellow bloggers on the subject in case this turns out to not be intentional on Blizzard’s behalf.

Blizzard employee Bashiok detailed the changes to gem colours on an official forum post, reported on by WoW Insider. Nerffaids had some good ideas about both epic and meta gems, and how the currency changes would influence these gem markets and BigJimm of Phase3Profit chipped in with his thoughts on the demand for eternals as a result of the cooldown removal.

Primordial Saronite:

Wes over at Capped by Cata smartly pointed out that the market for Primordial Saronite is dying fast because of the currency changes; he posted a warning to exit that market as soon as you are able, so if you haven’t you’ll still have a chance if you’re quick!

Addons and the Auction House:

My own area of interest is in addons, and in particular using them to assist you in making gold. Patch 4.0.1 brought some changes to the Auction House API and the majority of the most popular addons are broken as a result. Luckily, the talented coders who provide these addons have got on the case sharpish, so there is hope in sight for all of us Auctioneers.

New Blogs

We’ve had some great new entrants into the ranks of gold bloggers over the last few weeks so I’d like to make a couple of brief introductions .

Firstly, just discovered while perusing my Google Analytics, is Quaaid who has some very intelligent and well written posts so far, please go and take a look at The Real Quaaid.

Secondly, Acadia of Acadia’s Gold has put out some great content in her first 12 posts and, I’ll think you’ll agree, has something of a gift when it comes to post titles.

Why not go visit these two newcomers and make your introductions with a comment on one of their excellent posts.

What other tips for profiting off this patch have you found? What did you do to prepare and have your sales been slower than expected or are you laughing all the way to the bank?

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