One Stop Shop For General Changes In Patch 4.0.1

The Cataclysm’s on its way for World of Warcraft and its advance guard patch 4.0.1 is about to drop on us with some of the bigger game-changers. Quite possibly tomorrow, or Wednesday for us Europeans.

Given it’s going to change the game as we know it now, you need to be armed and ready for it, and the blogosphere’s full of people trying to help you. It’s my job to tell you where to find them. So if you need 4.0.1 general argh what the nitwibble is going on help this is your one-stop-resource, and will be constantly updated anytime I hear of something new that should go on it.

I’ll be posting a seperate one-stop-shop for class resources as well, so keep your eyes peeled for it. …no, locks, not literally peeled

Changes to existing features

  • 4.0.1 badge currency conversions – Elkagorasa the Casual has a concise guide to how the old badge currency will be converted into the new currency.
  • Flexible raid locks – If you don’t know about not being locked into a raid on zoning in and other tidbits after 4.0.1 drops, this is your raid lock workings primer from WoWinsider. It’s fairly neat and concise, and they include relevant blue poster statements for anyone who wants more info.
  • Gem conversions – Angelya over at Revive and rejuvenate has a solid guide on what your current Wrath of the Lich King gems will become when you log in to 4.0.1, and what the new gems will mean in terms of stats.
  • Redesigning ui in 4.0.1 – WoWPhiles is taking the opportunity to suggest some addons for a fresh looking 4.0.1 UI. Some interesting choices, and hopefully pointing out some that will still work after 4.0.1.
  • Changes to glyphs – like the raid-lock primer above, WoWInsider’s got a post summarising the changes to how glyphs work. You might find it saves you some confusing glyph surprises later this week.

Levelling post 4.0.1 patch



  • Levelling observations 4.0 – Blessing of Kings is taking a look at how classes are changing at low levels – real soon now – and how that plays out in levelling. Of course, we’re not going to see how low level characters interact with the new quests which will arrive with Cataclysm itself, but this is a good roundup of how low level characters will play after talents and such change this week.
  • Levelling as a druidLissanna is taking a practical look specifically at druids and how their new talent and ability setup, come 4.0.1, will affect them levelling out in the big pre-Cataclysm sundered world. Her guide has something for all specs (except bear), and mostly focuses on abilities you’ll be using and suggested talent builds. (Edit: seems to be having occasionalproblems this evening. Try googling specifically for it, that seems to work).

Have I missed anything? No seriously, I suspect there are probably things changing this week which I’ve not mentioned, and resources for them. If you’ve seen these resources, ping them to me at the contact form above, twitter or the comments section. Same goes for the class resource list which will go up very soon. Reward for submitting extra links is a cookie, and the definte knowledge that other people will probably appreciate the heads up.

Although I might have to eat the cookie for you if it doesn’t fit down the router.