One Stop Shop For Your Class/Spec In WoW Patch 4.0.1

(Editor’s note: post still being improved as information becomes available, scroll down for your class or search for ‘update’ to find new sections).

AHHHHH! Patch 4.0.1 is upon us and the world is changing! Well, not the world, just yet. That comes when we all have Cataclysm boxsets in our mitts. But classes are changing now, all of them, including yours. But there’s plenty of help out there.

Don’t have time to wade through everything and find the best thing for your spec? I’ve gone through all the class/spec guides I can find out there and I’m listing the single best one for for as many classes and specs as I can. I’m aiming to help you, the player, keep your patch day read-up simple at an otherwise chaotic time.

If you’ve got more time and want to read more guides, there’s also a section at the bottom giving details of a complete class-guide list by Windsoar. I’ve also posted a much shorter list of general resources for other, non-class related changes coming in patch 4.0.1: find it here.

For now, break out the cookies and hot cocoa and get your reading goggles, for it’s time to scroll down to find your class/spec resource:

Death Knight

Death Knights … I’m afraid resources appear a bit sparse for you. Daniel Whitcomb’s column over at WoW Insider does a good job of covering mechanics and talent changes for all three classes. Have a read of that, but be aware it doesn’t go into smaller practical things like glyphs, gems, stat changes and such.

As for specific spec advice, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of concrete information outside of very informative but long and possibly complicated Elitist Jerks forum threads, which I’ll link anyway. (please do correct me if there are other resources)

  • Blood – blood becomes the death knight tanking tree. Not much specific on this yet.
  • Frost – Elitist Jerks’ long and thorough guide here
  • Unholy: Update – Lady Erinia of Moments in the Life of a DK is talking to you, Unholy death knights, and she’s telling you what you need to know in the post-4.0.1 confuzzlement. She’s got everything from how reforging affects you (with a very well done graph to boot), stats you need, gems, talent build, glyphs, rotation. She’s even got tips on what presence you need now and a macro rounding it all off. Great guide for Unholies just picking themselves up after the shake-up.


  • Feral (bear) – ThinkTank’s your place for a run down on 4.0.1 teddy-spec, glyphs and gear. Bear (hahah) with the post though, as it shares info for all specs and classes. Let me know if you find something more bear-specific.
  • Feral (cat) – your best bet for feral kitty is Alaraon’s Fluid Druid post. He’s giving some details on a 4.0.1 kitty talent spec option, what reforging means for moggies, and takes a look at glyphs. He also has some notes on raiding after 4.0.1 hits. What he doesn’t cover is an explanation of what your new talents mean, nor does he go into too much depth explaining how stats affect you, like ThinkTank does (oops, did I give kitties two links?…)
  • Balance – there are a lot of good 4.0.1 moonkin guides out there, but Qieth’s Quips is the best place to go if you need everything in one place. Qieth covers everything from the basics of gems, glyphs and enchants. He also covers talents, rotation and what stats and caps lazer chickens should aim for now. But it’s in Qieth’s extra sections on professions, consumables and how eclipse is affected that his guide stands out just a tad ahead of other guides out there.
  • RestoLissanna’s guide over at Restokin should be your first port of call for resto druid changes. Her guide has a three-part look at how to heal as a resto druid after 4.0.1, as well as the fundamental information on how talents, glyphs, stats and consumables are changing. The only problem here is that I seem to be having an issue getting to her guide sometimes: if you do too, let me know. Resto druids are incredibly well represented and there’s a lot of info out there so I can link more if needed.


Hunters, you’re a bit under-represented at the moment sad to say! WoW Insider does have you generally covered with some tips on what to expect, how to re-gem, and what new pet info you should know. Meanwhile over at MMO Champion there’s a general FAQ which will tell you practical things like glyphs, stat priorities and possible talent builds – most of them aren’t definite and are subject to change, but it’s a good place to start.



  • HolyKurn’s got what every holy paladin needs to know going in to 4.0.1. She’s going through the changes to talents and spells, explaining various talent choices and what benefit each of them gives you. She also has a look at gear and stats, and takes a look at glyph options. The most crucial thing though? Kurn explains the new paladin resource Holy Power, and how you use it.
  • Protection – Rhida at Righteous Defence has an in-depth guide of all things prot pally. He’s covering things other classes don’t get, like both new and changed mechanics from holy power to seal useage, spell changes (not the same as the behind-the-scenes-mechanics working), new procs you need to look out for. He’s also got the news on what glyphs, stats and spec you can or should go for.
  • Retribution – Retpally over at Livejournal has currently the best retribution guide out there. Retpally covers everything you need to know, from new talents, how to use holy power as retribution, your stats and rotation, seals and auras, all in a concise and well-laid out manner/ Seriously, I’m impressed with this guide. Lucky retribution pallies to have this.


  • General 4.0.1 priest tips by Dawn Moore at WoWinsider – this post will help you clue up on gems, reforging and global cooldown bits n’ bobs for the patch.
  • Discipline – Malevica at Type H For Heals has pretty much everything you need to know for going into the patch with a disciplined approach (see what I did there?) She covers potential specs, stat changes – including gems and enchants, spell changes and tips on both raid and tank healing in the new eetup. A very thorough post.
  • Holy – Tales of a Priest covers the core things a holy priest needs to know, from useful specs to reforging and glyphs. Derevka also goes into healing mechanic changes. This article also looks at a couple of bits of discipline info but most of it’s aimed at Holy.
  • ShadowWoWInsider’s Fox Van Allen takes us through the changes to stats for shadow priests and an explanation of talents, finishing up with a suggested shadow build. It starts off with an explanation of what the patch is, so if you just want the shadow priest information scroll down to get your goodies.


Updated: First off, go and have a sneak peek at Elitist Jerks’ surprisingly concise 4.0.1 rogue FAQ, which will give you a talent spec for each tree and some guidance on new stat ratings. Then, just go and read everything in the past 48 hours from PvE rogues, tied together in a handy guide. Each post addressing something you need to know for 4.0.1 as a rogue from rotation to gems to hit caps. As to individual specs, I’m afraid subtlety isn’t well spoken for but…

  • Assassination (read: mutilate) – Garona over at PvE rogues is taking assassination/mutilate spec rogues through their newly designed talent tree and going over why you’re using which talents. Concise post, but focuses solely on talents.
  • Combat – Garona’s also got a talent build along with a great explanation of what’s going on in combat as of the patch. It’s a solid article for combatants, but doesn’t cover things like glyphs, stat changes, gearing.


  • Elemental – WoWinsider’s Sarah Nichol is the best guru for elemental shamans to look to right now. Her sub-headings are a little unclear, but the meat of the article covers what you need to know from how your rotation changes, the new Lava Surge mechanic, and what stat changes to look out for. She also touches on practical things like glyphs, talents and why you should really wear mail.
  • EnhancementMyrddin’s guiding enhancement shammies everywhere through the first steps on patch day. Then he’s  giving you various playable specs, a list of glyphs to get and explaining what your core stats are – and, helpfully, why. He also has a word or two to say about what’s happened to your mana. He rounds off this excellent resource with a video showcasing how the UI’s changed and your new spells.
  • RestorationVixsin’s got the essential guide for resto shamans. She’s got explanations on stat changes, talent builds, glyphs, mastery and reforging. She also talks about totems to use, and has extra notes on how raid buff changes will affect you. Vixsin gets extra points for giving us a convincing reason for resto shamans to drop leather/cloth armour and clink around in full mail again.


I’m afraid things are a bit thin on the ground for warlocks at the moment. If anyone feels inspired to go write a 4.0.1 guide for a warlock spec for our fellow players, let me know about it! Here’s what I’ve managed to cobble together per spec for now, and overall the best general warlock resource is Saresa’s guide to warlock builds over at Destructive Reach.

  • Update: Affliction – Gingerlei over at Destructive Reach now has a guide to speccing Affliction in these new interesting times. Go check it out – he explains what talents you need and why. It is a purely spec-related guide though, so you won’t find information on glyphs, stats and suchlike here.
  • Demonology – the Forsaken Few guild have a publicly viewable guide to going demonology in 4.0.1, written by their guild master Tamarantha.  The guide gives an overview of changes to the class and covers changes to your talents, spec, and what glyphs you should go for – and explains it all in a decent amount of detail. It doesn’t go into much detail on rotation or stat changes.
  • DestructionUpdate: Latus over at Undercity has everything a destro warlock needs for patch day preparations. He’s got information on reforging, how your stats have changed and what gems to grab, and talks about talent spec and rotation. In all cases he explains what things mean, and his final thoughts section includes an explanation about why your rotation doesn’t look much like a rotation, persay, as a priority system. He’s got a seperate post on glyphs here.


Warriors have a dearth of  resources for 4.0.1 I’m afraid. Yes, sad face, I play warriors too and would really like to see some more info (shout if I’ve missed anything or if you’re going to write something pre-patch).

The only thing I can dig up that’s of practical use for warriors is a post by Naithin of Fun In Games, which focuses on Protection with asides into useful Fury and Arms talents. Still, he does talk about a wide range of useful things from stat changes, reforging, glyphs and protection-specific talents. He also has a good section on “how to play now”, and a video supplement at the end.

Update: Herc the Merc has a general Q&A FAQ guide for all three warrior types. Yep, all us stabby-stabby me smash types have something to cast our eye over. Herc answers things like what spec to use, why to take some talents over others, what each spec’s rotation is, and what stats to go for. He also looks into reforging and enchants.

All classes: extra resources

If you have a tad more time and are interested in reading as much as you can about your classes/specs, Windsoar over at Jaded Alt has a fantastic grab bag of 4.0.1 class guide links. Some classes are better represented than others around the blogosphere so he’s got more links for some classes than others, but if you’ve got the time I definitely recommend browsing his list. If you don’t have so much time, I hope my concise “this is what you need” list above helps.

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Update: PvP in 4.0.1: Okes, so maybe there’s a side to the game that hasn’t been addressed in this guide so far. Well, no more! If you’re into your PvP and don’t know which way is up (usual state for me in PvP), Cynwise has a 4.0.1 guide to battleground PvP gear.

Have I missed anything, or are there more resources out now that weren’t out an hour ago?

Doing this has made me dig up a whole lot of blogs I didn’t know about, which is great – more choice! Anyway, expect a big update to MMO Melting Pot’s blogroll for your perusal later in the week.