Nils: Danger, Danger, Dragon Approaching While You Pick Flowers/Quest

Dragons are enormous harbingers of flamey death, deceit and cruelty, right? Right. That’s why I rejoiced when I read Nils’ latest post and agreed wholeheartedly with him. After Cataclysm’s hit Deathwing is going to be a Real Dragon, flaming zones at random and turning us all into foil-packed lunch bites as often as he wants.

As Nils says: this is great news. Right, I know being flamed to death isn’t fun. But Nils points out you’ll believe in a boss that wants you dead, compared to Arthas the loot piñata. You’ll have a reason to want to kill Deathwing after he’s brought death on wings (there’s more where that came from) numerous times while you’re questing.

3) From a pure gameplay point of view that doesn’t make any sense! Why should you be killed at random without having a chance? But from a virtual world / immersion / story point of view it makes a hell of a lot of sense! Deathwing is not only the thing that awaits you at the end of Cataclysm to give you looot. No – he is a danger for the world as we know it!

Nils also points out that as well as having a proactive boss it also means great things for the open world. It makes it interactive: things will happen, rather than you just questing or herbing. And, according to the blue quote she’s posted, you’ll also get a feat of strength for being grilled.

**What about you – looking forward to a proactive, dangerous boss, or already thinking to work out Deathwing’s flight patterns and be where he’s not?

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Quote taken directly from Nils’ post

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