Fresh Brew: Addons That Help You Inspect People, Run Guild Raffles And Set Fire To Things

It’s about time we delved back into the realms of new addons, and I thought this time we might mix things up a bit. Ooh err. So this time, instead of only wandering over to WoW Interface’s new addon page I mosied over to’s new addons page as well to compare. And it’s been a useful exercise, as both sites are completely different varmint: the new and updated addons listed on them vary widely. Not too much of a surprise – all it shows is some developers prefer one site to another – but does present some variety to spice up our UIs.

And what variety. Here’s what I’ve dug up:

  • LibInspectLess-1.0 – Have you noticed that when you try to inspect people it doesn’t work half the time? Anyone fancy saying ‘bug’? The guys on this addon have been researching the causes behind the inspect bug and have found four so far. Their addon provides a fix for two of the causes, meaning that you’ll be able to inspect away more often. The addon also has a few shiny features meaning its longevity will carry on past whenever Blizzard implement an ingame inspect fix.
  • Elune Power Raffle – now this sounds kind of fun. Officers and guild masters can set up an in game raffle for money or items – every guild member gets a ticket for a shot at the prize, and can earn more. Haven’t had time to test this one but it sounds like a great tool for an occasional morale boost and a laugh.
  • Smoker – nope, this has nothing to do with imbibing substances. This is a neat little addon which provides a more flexible frame for the new ingame feature of placing smoke flares when in a group. The whole idea is great for tactics discussions and Smoker looks like it just makes the concept work more smoothly, especially when in combat.
  • IxsTradeChannelLFMPoller – quite a title, but it has a neat trick up its long, droopy sleeves. It monitors trade chat for raid groups so you don’t have to sit there trawling through dirge. It comes with preset phrases to catch but you can change and add to them. It reports its findings straight to you via detailed whisper, including what raid it is and who’s recruiting.
  • HoPo – there are a slew of holy power tracker addons out there for paladins. This one caught my eye as visually pleasing. Quite honestly without a paladin myself to test it on I don’t know whether it’s practical, but the pictures look shiny and the developer’s already getting feedback for extra prettification, though with HUD addons like IceHUD it might look cluttered.
  • GOATS – ok, I’m sneaking in one from WoWinterface because it’s such a cool idea for warlocks. GOATS tracks demons you enslave, anywhere, everywhere, and keeps their details in a nifty bestiary including optional fully textured models. There’s also a comments/notes functionality, and future versions will improve sorting.

That’s it for now – have you been developing a new addon, or have you found one that you want to share with the rest of the world? Let me know, I’m happy to update the post!