Brangwen: New Site For MMO Leaders

Just run over a very cool new site for leaders in MMOs. Brangwen over at Non-Elitist Raiding Diary is one of its founding writers and is launching it fresh off the press today.

One day, I was hanging out on the pwnwear leadership forum and thought… “If I wanted advice as a leader, where would I go?”  After a quick internet search, I came up with a few blogs, but no real home or place to go for advice or just a good old whinge.

It seems that I was not the only one with this thought.  Gravity from Pwnwear was thinking similar things.  One quick conversation later and we were embarking upon a brave new world of leadership community building.

She says MMOLeader’s intended as a home for all things leadership related. A place for leaders, old and new, to kick back and share stories, tips and advice on leading other people into the heat of battle. Or in any other sense: Brangwen recognises that many of the skills associated with leadership are applicable in real life too. It sounds very much like the MMOLeader guys are taking their topic seriously.

The site’s based around forums where you can get involved as much or as little as you like. The front page itself comprises leadership articles, mostly written by their founding team: Brangwen herself, Gravity, Blacksen, Karatheya and Kasgrin. I’m very excited to read what that lineup get going with!

The icing on the cake, though? Brangwen says there’s also a way to get your own thoughts on leadership up on the frontpage even if you’re not one of their main authors.

The folks at MMOLeader are hoping you’ll help spread the word – so tell your raid leaders, guild leaders, heal leaders… or just post on your blog!

_Quote taken directly from Brangwen’s post


  • _You can find Brangwen’s Non Elitist Raiding Diary homepage here_
  • _You can find the new website, MMOLeader, here_