Beruthiel: How To Prepare Your Guild For Cataclysm

Guilds can flounder as a new expansion arrives, and Cataclysm’s changes are going to shake things up for guilds more than before. So Beruthiel’s survival guide on preparing your guild for Cataclysm couldn’t have come at a better time.

Her guild focuses mostly on raiding guilds but her advice is so grounded that you could use it whatever sort of guild you have. She talks about what a guild’s leadership need to do before an expansion: most of her tips can be boiled down as “communicate with your guild!”

The first, and probably most important, thing that you should do is share with your guild what it is that you intend to do in the expansion. If you are a 25 man guild now, do you intend to continue to raid as a 25 man guild with the new expansion? Do you plan on swapping to 10s? If so, how are you going to pare your 25 man roster down to a 10 man roster?

Uncertainty tends to make many people nervous. As such, don’t leave your members blind, floundering, and uncertain! Let them know what your plans are, and how they are going to fit into those plans! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy…

But Beru’s written her guide almost as a check list, with exact information on what sort of dialogue needs to be happening in a guild. Right now. Yes, she even gives advice on when to start – and finish – organising for Cataclysm. She also looks at thorny topics like how to deal with players who want to change mains or how to encourage players to work together.

Beru’s written from experience of doing this in her own guild, which means she knows what she’s talking about when she says doing these steps will boost morale in some way or another. Which, going into a new dragon-menaced age where we’re all quaking in our boots, is a Good Thing.

What about you – are you helping your guild prepare, or is everything quiet, too quiet?

_Quote taken directly from Beru’s post

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