Achtung Panzercow: Solution To Tanks’ AoE Threat Woes

I’ve been hearing that tanks are having a problem with AoE threat. Well, Linedan at Achtung Panzercow has a theory to help flailing tanks in dungeons. It’s mostly tailored for warriors but it may be useful for other classes, especially if you have a similar talent to the warrior one he’s citing. Which I don’t know off the top of my head, as I’m a willowy healer rather than a dedicated meatshield, levelling prot warrior aside. Or something.

Now if you’ve tanked some heroics the past two weeks, you know that your AOE threat is down a bit, or maybe more than a bit depending on your class.  … Add in the huge DPS increases that some classes got (yes, mages, you can stop cackling gleefully now), and the fact that people still cannot grasp the concept of “wait two seconds to let the tank get agro,” and I’ll bet you’ve been having a moderately frustrating time running your heroics.

Linedan’s idea is short and sweet. While it’s been  around as a tactic used on and off by tanks for a while, it’s not been suggested as a panacea for the tank ailment that is 4.0. He’s anticipated tanks reading it and shrinking back in horror at the idea, and goes on to reassure that it won’t destroy your stats. Well, mostly.

He rounds off with telling us about a Heroic he ran to test his theory, and says it went incredibly smoothly. He even thinks it could be used in lower tier raids, so long as you check your healers aren’t going to have a heart attack. So what’s the magic idea? Go read his post!

What do you think – are there ways round the AoE threat problem, or is this AoE threat problem all a puff of hot air?

_Quote taken directly from Linedan’s post

You can find Achtung Panzercow’s homepage here._