Nils And Raven: Levelling Needs Balance, And Soon

Blizzard’s given levelling a strong emphasis in Cataclysm. They want us to go back and see the new content, and to attract new players with a fresh game. Then why, says Nils, are they not putting more effort in to balancing the levelling experience for Cataclysm?

She opens with a quote from Ghostcrawler talking about how the developers want the levelling game to feel. Nils is extremely worried that, even though they’re going to look at the levelling balance, they’re not putting enough focus on it.

There are a lot of eloquent complains about the ‘numbers’ on the forums. That is about the average dps, hps and health of all mobs and players while leveling. Apparently, Blizzard considers the ‘balance’ while leveling just important enough to not want it to be ‘odd’. Now, if Mystic or Funcom had officially stated that they just want low-level content to not feel odd, I would have left those games even faster than I did.

She’s started a new character for patch 4.0.1 and found she needs one ability and three seconds to kill a monster. That, Nils says, is no fun, nor does it interact with new players – they’ll get the wrong idea about what the levelling experience is about.

Raven over at Currents Turn Awry takes this point further. He remembers learning as he was levelling in Wrath. He says that post 4.0.1 his levelling hunter finds himself in a similar position to Nils, and it’s not engaging. He’s not impressed with the lack of learning opportunities and worried about how this will play out when we get a fresh wave of 85s levelled through faceroll content.

Both Raven and Nils have ideas on how to improve levelling, based around tweaking the maths behind the numbers we see on screen. Both of them suggest some combination of rebalancing health, abilities, and survivability, and reckon it would work wonders for making levelling more engaging again.

What do you think? Is this a concern we’ll be falling over in a year’s time, or are you hoping that Cataclysm is going to rebalance the new zones anyway?

_Quote taken directly from Nils’ post

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