Roundup: What's In A Guild?

Your guild. Is it the right one for you? You don’t have to answer that right now, but deep down you know one way or another. And it’s a topic that’s been going the rounds this week, with three very different articles cropping up on the radar.

  • First up is Gloomlion from the Green Rune, who’s reposted his old guide to finding the right guild for you on his new blog. It might be old but it’s still very well written and relevant. Gloom takes you through the steps to get into the guild you want, which includes asking some honest questions of yourself.
  • Rhii over at her new blog Oh My, Kurenai is having a tough time matching her own gameplay needs with her boyfriend’s. She talks about the journey they’ve both been on to try to find a guild that feels like home, and how difficult it can be to juggle two peoples’ wishes in-game. It’s times like this when it’s not just a game but a shared hobby that brings joy for different reasons, and it can be hard to fit those in while also finding a guild that’s right and will take on people who come as a ‘package’.
  • Lara of Root and Branch has a post in response to Rhii’s. She says there are a few tell-tale signs of a guild or raid team crumbling, and from her own experience people bringing alts to progression runs is one of them. A lot of us can probably sympathise – I know I can, having seen people loose interest in raids for whatever reason.

What all of these articles show is that while a guild is a home, we could do with occasionally taking a step back and asking ourselves if this is still what we want from the game. Hard to do, perhaps, but better for everyone?

What do you think, would people be happier if they reviewed their guild situation occasionally rather than just staying put?

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