Raging Monkeys: Where Are The Pointless Fun Things In WoW?

Do you want to know a secret? Well, Syl over at Raging Monkeys is letting you into a particularly shiny secret about Dalaran. Shiny in the quite literal sense. She’s found a gem completely hidden in the game, with no reference anywhere to it, which will get your shoes shined.

I’m not going to steal her thunder – go read her post to find out how and where. If you already know about this tidbit or like your shoes looking weather beaten and travelworn, go read it anyway. Because Syl’s not just reporting on shoe shiners near you but is musing on secrets in WoW in general.

Somehow I miss that there’s not more pointless things that are spread far and wide over the world for no good reason, maybe only to be found by those that seek them out.

Why was there never a single questgiver stationed on any of the flying islands in Nagrand? Why is the Darkmoon Fair such a complete letdown when people long for minigames in WoW for years? Why is there nothing going on anywhere under the ocean? Only a few things I’ve wondered about in the past.

Those are some good questions. I love to find really hidden things in games – things that there are no clues exist. Syl’s got a point in saying that Blizzard are very good at telling us what’s going on, but that a few more ‘pointless’ things, as she calls them, would add to the game. Things that tickle some peoples’ fancy but don’t get in the way of anyone’s progression if they don’t find them.

As Syl says in her opening paragraph, it’d actually be true to WoW’s nature to have this kind of content.

What about you – do you know of any secret bits squirreled away in WoW? Let us know, or even better answer Syl’s call over in her comments!

_Quote taken directly from Syl’s post_

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