LifeInGroup5: Helping Bad Guys Up Their Game

Have you ever looked at a dungeon and thought “yeah, I can see the boss here is really at home in this place. It’s so him.” Well, Vixsin’s taken a break from beta testing and solemn guild and class reflections to let us in on just how the villainous bosses get to where they are now.

The post jumps right in as an information pack for NPCs wishing to try their hand at being an Evil Boss in Blizzard’s Evil NPC Empire. It gives the boss an overview of the recruitment process and gets them to get going designing their own encounter.Like any good training programme, it takes them through the basics first, getting them to design their evil lair and look at little things like lighting and ambience as real game changers. After all, as Vixsin’s post points out, a towering flaming wall of molten death is so much more atmospheric.

As the first step in membership in this Elite Hero-Fighting Unit, you’ll need to design an instance encounter that really captures the essence of who you are as a Big Bad Boss. You’ll later be meeting with our Incredibly Evil Design Team to work out the perfect evil experience. Our team is staffed with only the most skilled and most reprehensible experts in Evil Lighting, Evil Décor, Evil Speech-writing and Evil Acting. Your Evil Adventure Stylist will be scheduling an appointment with you soon™ to go over all the details…

Your local small time villain looking to go big time then gets taken through the basics of designing their very own fight with heroes from the abilities they can choose from to carefully choosing what particular slow and painful deaths they can inflict on players, to keeping the heroes on their toes with built in running exercise or, as it’s charmingly put, “look, a unicorn!” moments.

This is a brilliant post – off topic from anything else in the wowosphere, and refreshingly witty. Hats off to Vixsin for something completely different.

What do you think – are evil masterminds being given good advice, or do they not make them like they used to?

_Quotes taken directly from Vixsin’s post

Vixsin’s Life In Group 5 homepage is here_